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This area will be updated frequently with information that you probably never knew (or never cared). Some of it will involve things relevant to myself... and most of it will be facts spewed forth from my fiance, who is full of odd facts. It will also be used to update what's going on.

Enjoy your stay. Enjoy the insanity.

the ramblings... welcome to the insanity of everyday life.

January 5 , 2003 - 2002 was obviously not the year of The Stigmata. Not much has been going on here. I've started my own company, Zero Gravity Design. In order to keep my portfolio fresh, I actually have plans for refreshing this site. I will still keep it Flash-free, but will use it as a stomping ground for other experimental javascript. Oh yeah... and will be adding to the sections soon. Thanks for visiting.

April 21, 2002 - Here's a cool link; A delusional bunny mistakes your cursor for a carrot..
January 17, 2002 - Spending quite a lot of time at JeepsUnlimited forum, I decided to start collecting smileys to post. click here for a page to copy them out of.
November 14, 2001 - A lot has happened since I've last updated. I've gotten married to a beautiful woman, went to Orlando for a week for honeymoon, and have been busy ever since. If you care, you can see some of our wedding pictures at OCreative.com.
September 11, 2001 - My heart goes out to all those who have lost loved ones in the senseless and tragic acts against America. Please support your local Red Cross and donate blood, or if you are in the New York/Washington D.C. area, please volunteer any time you may have. God Bless America.

August 13, 2001 - I now have control over my server again, so plans are now in works to finish this site. When this site was initially started a few years ago, It's purpose was to push the limits of basic HTML and JavaScript (Along with spreading information about weird events around the globe) Since then i have been working in Flash and Shockwave, but this site will stay as basic as possible.

There is a new section which I will be adding soon, based on the new on-line game by EA, Majestic. If you haven't heard about it, basically, it's a new role-playing game online that blurs into the real world with e-mails, faxes, IM's and, es, even phone calls. Basis: Theres a government conspiracy, one person is dead, and more will follow. To sign up, go to their site with a PC (sorry mac users) www.majesticTheGame.com. Read the disclaimer carefully! And set up a new e-mail account and Instant Messager account prior.

May 9, 2000 - I have begun adding the Gospel of Thomas which was mentioned in the movie The Stigmata. I promise this will actually be completed!! (Now that I have access to my server again!)
May 8, 2000 - I have had many requests to supply more information on the Gospel of Thomas. To a couple of you, I apologise for giving you information on the Infancy Gospel of Thomas(Something different that the Gospel of Thomas) I wasn't thinking about the movie (The Stigmata) when you asked... and the Infancy Gospel of Thomas is one of my favorite, so it naturally came to my mind first. I am in the process of transcribing this 'lost gospel' and will have it up either tonight or tomorrow night (5/8 or 5/9) Thank you all for your comments and support.
April 20, 2000 - So, exactly how many chickens does it take getting mowed down before I finally finish the road I started out on? Hopefully not many more. I'm slowly clearing my schedule to include revisions to this site. My Flash portfolio is finished, but is FREAKIN' HUGE!. I'll put it up for now, but I'll have to go back through it and file it down some. (I think it's something like 6 meg or so.... which is absolutely gargantuan for a Flash movie!). Also, I am not going to redesign the site just yet to incorporate Flash. I may place an intro movie or a few new pages that use Flash, But I'm content with the site design at the moment. (If you're not, let me know!) Oh yeah, and I just added another riddle for now.

February 16, 2000 - Alright everybody. To answer all of your questions - No, maybe, and no I am not dead. I have been working time and a half and a half (which I guess equals double time?) Anyway, I haven't forgotten about everyone, or this site. I have been experiementing with Flash 4, and will have my completed portfolio up in about a week. Right now it is geared for high-speed access (actually, I have designed it to be burned to CD) which I will post, and eventually have as low-res for everyone.

In the meantime, here's a little X-Files Christmas soundbite(wav file) to pass the time.

November 30, 1999 - Wow. Holidays really suck up a lot of time! I know almost everyone has given up waiting for me to update this site further, so I not going to even say when I will get around to furthering the process. All I know is that I have enough outside projects to keep me busy into 2000. So go away for a while. Take a break. Relax. visit The Brunching Shuttlecocks or something. Just chill. I'll get back to you all pretty soon. Thanks!.
November 10, 1999 - OK... after a wild party which ended in my best friend getting his head shaved, I am ready to settle back and add to this site. At the moment I am working on adding some Flash movies, and am debating on whether to turn the whole site into a Flash site. E-Mail me to let me know of your opinion. Also, I have decided that I will hold a few contests and the winner will get a page in the Sphinx maize dedicated to them... kinda of a way to thank my readers. As of now I already have a winner for the oddest story ever e-mail to me. She has given me full permission to place the message, but I have to edit out some of the names and places to protect what's left of her sanity. Look for this to be posted soon.
October 25, 1999 - It seems I must apologize again for not updating the site. It would seem that planning a haunted house and halloween party have taken precedent. Which reminds me to mention that there will most likely be no update this coming weekend either, since I will be vamped-out all weekend. When I recover from my obsessive-repulsive disorder of slamming Jagermeister/Rumplemintz/Goldschlager shots with my Irish-I-Will-Drink-You-Under-The-Table friends I will be sure to add to this website enough inforrmation to make up for the missed, self-imposed deadlines for updates. Thanks for visiting. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!
October 21, 1999 - I don't think I can say it enough times... GO SEE FIGHT CLUB! Actually, I saw American Beauty and Fight Club around the same time, and they had suprizing parallels. I give both of them the exact rating... three fourths of the Matrix.
Also was alerted by a visitor (of the web site... not from outer space) that the link to the Stigmata movie has changed. the link is - www.mgm.com/stigmata. Hope to hear from all of you soon!
  October 10, 1999 - Finished the navigation bar... hope you like it (I'll probably build a non-graphic version for all the slow people. Ready to insert more info. I am hoping to have the false prophets page up...so I can give you all information on the upcoming movie 'End of Days', starring Arnold. This is actually considered a horror film! (I know...Arnold in a film that is not action??? Say it ain't so!!)
  October 6, 1999 - OK.... after a short break to dedicate the rest of my life to work, I am back and ready to add on to this site. To follow...a listing of new updates......
  September 19, 1999 - I went and saw Stigmata last night. E-mail me if you want to know my opinion. Also updated some of the Sphinx area. go check out what I have so far.
September 17, 1999 - Are you interested in helping search for Intelligent Life outside of your peer group? Join my SETI Team and help raise the standards! Just go the this SETI page, and you can download a screen saver that analyzes data collected from SETI on your computers spare time. As of today, I myself have completed more data than 93% of the other users. When you sign up, join the group 'the stigmatas' and become part of my team! Please e-mail me and let me know if you sign up.
  September 13, 1999 - Haven't seen the movie yet... if any of you have, please e-mail me and let me know how it was. Updated some more on the site... right now it is working perfectly with internet Explorer 4/5 for the PC. It is working ok for Internet Explorer for the Mac, but Netscape for the Mac seems to be slaughtering it (I'll work this out later when I clean up the code)
  September 12, 1999 - "Ancient Nail used to Crucify Christ Baffles Scientists!"
  September 8, 1999 - You know... if Bill Gates had a penny for every computer that his software crashes....oh, wait..... he does.
September 7, 1999 - This site is growing (what a big task) I have been receiving numerous hits because of the movie Stigmata which starts this Friday (From everything I have read and seen...GO SEE THIS MOVIE!) so I am attempting to get as much up as possible. Again, please forgive the mess!
August 24, 1999 - Clicking away at the computer, wishing that everything would write itself, I realized the definition of 'overkill'. Do you realize that each great nation has enough firepower to kill the entire population of the earth at least twice over? Funny how all of the prophecies somehow involve the human race bringing about Armageddon. And when that happens, Koma (my cat) will look over and give me the 'I told you so" look. Damn cats.